I had a lot of comments on Mom’s Honeybee so I thought I would post the book I found the pattern in. I bought my copy at Joann’s but it’s been a while and I had a hard time locating it online but finally found it on the site Alibris. I did look and couldn’t find it at the usual sites – Amazon, B&N, or even the Leisure Arts or Oxmoor site.

Great American Quilts Book Nine

What I’m reading

I finished Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman a couple weeks ago. He’s another one of my favorite authors and while I like his books that feature Alex Delaware better than the ones featuring Petra Connor I did enjoy this book.

I also just read Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. It’s probably not the best one she’s written but I still enjoyed it. I’ve watched a couple episodes of the TV show Bones since I last read one of these and it’s funny, the actress from the show was how I pictured the main character while I was reading this book. Has anyone else who reads these books seen the TV show?

Someone commented a while back about not enjoying one of the books I’d blogged about. It was one in a series and probably not the best one at that. I really enjoy reading about the same characters so I frequently find myself reading what I consider series books. It’s rare that I think they are all great and it’s not unusual for a series to get stale – for example, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, and even Tom Clancy. When that happens I stop buying every book they write and pick and choose more carefully which ones I’ll read. Even with that I think I’m more tolerant of a mediocre book if it has characters that I like in it.


Friday I went to my guild meeting where Sally Collins was the guest lecturer. Her work is quite impressive and she went out of her way to not be judgmental but she really preaches perfection in quilting. Not something I aspire to. While I’m not an advocate of sloppy work I don’t get overly concerned about imperfections. I think that I make pretty nice quilts and as long as I’m learning new techniques and improving as I go along I’m happy.

One of the things that I really enjoy about the guild are the lectures from nationally know quilters. I haven’t taken any of the classes – they don’t particularly interest me but I love the lectures and seeing all the quilts they bring to show.


I should meander more quilts – this went fast. The colors in the picture are more true than the one I posted this morning. It’s quilted with a maroon thread that blended with the fabric so you see texture not the thread.

Laura’s quilt

Today I’m loading and quilting the top Mom made for Laura (my youngest sister’s daughter) who is heading off to Virginia Tech this fall. I’m just going to do a simple all over meander on it – quick and easy!

The color in the picture is a little off – It’s maroon and 2 shades of orange. The lighter one looks yellow in the picture but it’s orange.

It’s a McCall’s pattern but I couldn’t find the magazine with the quilt in it so I worked it up in EQ5.

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Luckily, I have bloglines set up but for those that manage to get to this site – check your browser history – that should hold the blog sites you typically visit OR you can go into the comment sections on your own blog . By clicking on the links you can travel to the profile of the person commenting and from there to their blog. Just a couple ways to get to your favorite blogs even with the ring down.