Progress on the Honeybee

Today’s a better day and I’m making good progress on Mom’s Honeybee. I had comments asking how I was going to quilt it so I thought I’d post a couple pictures.

In the large squares I’m doing a modified designs with lines pattern. Most of the fabrics are too busy to mark anything so I just chalk the registration lines and then quilt the feathers freehand.

The second picture is one of the leaves I decided on after ripping out the sashing quilting yesterday. They look much better.


  1. Not sure what you had in there before that this looks like a good choice along with the free form feathers.Hope the quilting is going better today.

  2. nice quilting (I don’t know what was in the sashing, but I like the leaves), I like the way you can see the applique stitches too – your mom did a nice job!

  3. The quilt is so so beautiful, I just love it! Your quilting is going to make it just perfect. I hope you know how lucky you are to have a longarm! 😉

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