Home for a day

I flew home from Mom’s last night and am driving back with Chesty tomorrow. My brother is going to be out of town all next week and with Mom not feeling well lately I wanted her to have someone around if she needed something.

I’ve been running around today getting the car serviced and Chesty groomed so we (Chesty and I) can head out in the morning. Keith was in California this week while I was in Virginia and he won’t get back before I leave. It will be another week before I see him.

I’m packing a couple projects to work on while I’m there. Fabric for one of my super simple strippies and a UFO that just needs assembly. I’m really not crazy about this UFO but I’ve done too much work on it not to finish and donate it.


  1. Mary, it is good that you can go be with your family when they need you like this. Hope this is nothing serious with your mom.I know you two will keep stitching while you extend your visit. Chesty can visit with “grandma” too.

  2. How long will you be in Virginia? If you and your mom get a chance to come to Virginia Beach I would love to show you a couple of the local shops! You can e-mail me at patchalotpatterns@yahoo.com if you get a chance. I hope your mom is feeling good and you have a nice visit. What a good daughter you are!

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