Name Change

My oldest son Chris was 6 when Keith and I got married and for years he talked about changing his name to Johnson. He emailed me yesterday that it’s done – he is now Chris Johnson. He decided to go ahead and make the change official before his wedding in October and that will certainly make it easier on Becky – now she’ll just change her name once.

I worried some that my Adam (my younger son) would be upset but he says he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t feel any need to change his name but said if he did he wouldn’t change it to Johnson. He’d choose McLaughlin – my maiden name. Being born on the day after St. Patrick’s day, he has a strong affection for his Irish roots.

Both boys still see their father but have a wonderful relationship with Keith and in Adam’s words feel he is their *real dad*.


  1. its amazing how much a name matters — my last name is one I created from part of my maiden name and part of my married name when I seperated… I couldn’t return to my maiden name, but the married name wasn’t right either…. I’ve always been very glad I spent the money and changed it. Hope your son will find it valuable too…

  2. I think both your sons have a great attitude about their names-and I caught up on the wonderful quilt your mom made and hope you don’t have to downsize too much quilty stuff for the new house.

  3. I took back my maiden name some years back and kept my husband. My girls are christened with both names. My maiden name is rare in Norway and my married name goes 13 to a dozen. Names are very personal. It is so nice one is now allowed to change to the one that one think suits best 🙂 I have told both my girls they can do as they like when they become of age.

  4. Mary,What a compliment to your husband Keith, he must feel very proud that Chris chose to take on his name. Your sons sound very together. I like the way Adam thinks, heritage is so important and easily lost these days.They sound like wonderful young men. Congratulations.Jodie

  5. How nice… (I finally changed my name on Friday – getting to the SSA office had been a bugger… I either did not have the paperwork or it was not open…)

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