Quilt Pink and Judy’s 1 hour Quilt

August is almost over and that means I can get ready to start a new quilt. I’ll probably run right to the bookstore too and buy a bunch of quilt books just to make up for the month without any. I don’t think I will challenge myself to not buy books again however not starting a new project was good for me.

I’ve been wanting to do both Judy’s 1 hour quilt and make a quilt for Quilt Pink. Since I’ve got limited time in September for quilting I’m going to combine both and make the 1 hour quilt out of my pink fat quarters and donate it. I’ll have to buy some of one of the pink fabrics for a border but I already have the fat quarters and background so it will be mostly from stash. Now if I can just finish piecing the Nine patch top before I start my 1 hour Pink Quilt I’ll feel like I actually accomplished something with my August Challenge.

Home from Seattle

I didn’t get any quilting or piecing done today but I did work on some quilt related activities. I worked with some members of my bee group showing them how to resize and upload pictures to the guild’s picturetrail account and then we met up with other members of our group.

They treated me to lunch and gave me a gift certificate for a quilt shop in Minneapolis as a goodbye present. Although I’m not moving yet I will only be able to attend one more meeting before leaving so it was really nice to see them all.

We had a great time in Seattle and did lots of walking around the city. On Saturday, Keith and I took a walk on the Elliott Bay Trail. In this picture we were heading back to the city – it was beautiful!

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas

This is really stupid but I didn’t even think to check to weather in Seattle before leaving Atlanta – it’s August so I packed shorts. The first thing I had to do this morning was buy a sweatshirt. I’d worn jeans on the plane but didn’t think to pack a jacket or sweatshirt – did I mention it’s AUGUST?! This probably indicates how unprepared I am to live in Minneapolis!!

I’ve had a wonderful day – walking all over downtown Seattle, taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island and walking around there, and visiting Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.

I’d visited Seattle last summer for the first time and found this yarn shop – they were SO helpful and encouraging that I decided I could teach myself to knit. I bought a great book and some yarn and have been knitting (very simple things that don’t have to fit) ever since. I wanted to visit them again this year and get yarn for a hat and scarf. They spent time helping me find simple patterns and yarn. I love this place!

No progress

I haven’t made any progress on any of my quilting projects over the last couple days. Yesterday I did a 15 mile hike which took most of my day and today I did a quick 4 miles on the treadmill in between doing laundry and getting ready for another trip.

This time we’re off to Seattle until Sunday night. Keith will be working most of the trip but I’ll get to explore the city.

Patti commented on my posts about hiking. She was wondering whether I was walking or hiking when I’d post a 5 or 10 mile hike. I’ve got to do a ton of miles to prepare for the Breast Cancer Walk in October and although most of the training walks are supposed to be *easy* miles I prefer to be out on the trail rather than walking on a treadmill or even around my neighborhood. Most of the trails we’re hiking are rated moderately difficult and I’m hoping that by working harder now the 60 miles will be easier in October.

As the suggested training miles have increased I have started doing some of them on the treadmill just because I don’t always have time to drive out to a trail. Days like today, I’m lucky to log any miles at all so I just bite the bullet and jump on the treadmill no matter how much I hate it!

We’re back from the Bridal Shower

Becky’s in the middle with Chris on her right. Adam is on the left ignoring us all as usual!

The drive was a pain but we enjoyed seeing Chris and Becky. They got lots of presents mainly for the kitchen – someone’s going to have to start cooking more!

I don’t think I’ve shared a picture of the kids so I pulled this one from the trip we took to Virginia in June to introduce Becky to my family. Adam was able to get off work and came with us too.

We got back in time yesterday to do a 5 mile hike and then I started piecing the blocks together for the nine patch quilt.

Another UFO

I was looking for a backing for another quilt yesterday and came across this blue that was perfect for some nine patch blocks that have been sitting around forever. After a 10 mile hike yesterday afternoon I got the blue cut and laid out the blocks for a small donation quilt.

We’re off to Kingsland, GA for a bridal shower for Becky. Keith is coming along for the 5 and 1/2 hour drive and we’ll take the kids out to dinner tonight before heading back in the morning.