I finished quilting the wedding quilt today and it’s off the machine and trimmed. Just have to bind it and make a label and that will be one more thing checked off my list.

Next up is a top my Aunt Nancy sent me to quilt. I’m going to quilt feather wreaths in the plain blocks but I’m not sure what to do in the borders. I’m thinking about feathers – I’d like to quilt half the feather in the dark and half in the light in two of them but there are 4 borders. What would I put in the other two? Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  1. the colors are so rich looking in your aunts top—no help in the quilting department, I’m afraid since I’m not a longarmer. I;m barely a home machiner, LOL

  2. How about a large feather across all four? If you don’t want the feather itself that large you could put it down the center two and then echo it on both sides, with curly tendrils extending out now and then.

  3. I don’t know about long arm machines and if this is possible at all, but, what about quilting the feathers as you wish in the central two borders and in the ditch around the outer and innermost border like framework.BTW I love the colours. When I first saw it I thought we were getting a glimpse of the wedding quilt!Jodie

  4. Mary,I think I agree with Patti. I’d treat the 4 borders as one, do a kind of Amish swirling feather with piano key style quilting going out to the edge. If you go to Nichole Webb’s website, she has it on the cover of one of her books.Two color quilts with so much constrast can be challenging.

  5. I have seen straight lines stitched in the curved spaces that the feathers leave (are yours curving or straight line feathers?) Since your borders are vertical lines, you might try horizontal lines. How much work do you want to make for yourself? Maybe the tendrils would fill the space and be a whole lot easier.

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