All these challenges going on this month have got me thinking. I’m already on minimal buying for fabric – mainly just backgrounds and borders when needed for a specific project but I read that someone added books to their challenge. Now that’s one I can stand to participate in.

Cher and Hanne have also made personal challenges so I’ll jump in too. Right now the two hardest things for me are limiting my quilt book purchases and NOT beginning new projects (I’ve got a set of fat quarters sitting on my cutting table just calling my name).

So my personal challenge for August will be to not purchase any quilt books and to not start any new projects. If it goes well I may even extend it into September. I think I’m going to go move those fat quarters – hopefully out of sight will be out of mind.


  1. I’m o.k. with the no new books/magazines, but the no new projects… I am already about to start “Crazy Cats” – so that one is already out the door!

  2. It is good for us to identify those problem areas we have—you have tailored yours to fit YOU. Me? I could manage my time a little better as well as the finances.

  3. I’ve done that, it works! If they are sitting there just staring at you it will be too hard! Just don’t lose track of them totally. 🙂

  4. I’d love to see some pics of your sewing area and storage. I read on KC’s blog how you organize your stash.Out of sight out of mind-hmmm. What if you forget you have them? Then you can have a great time finding them later. lolI’m going to spend some time finding my UFOs. Does that include the ones where I have all the stuff to put it together? Or would that be considered a new project?

  5. hurray for fellow inspiration! you caught on to the idea Mary..we all know our personal weaknesses…and where we need to try a different track. I really enjoy the book reviews-thanks for including those on your blog.

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