Just one more post before I get off the computer

I finally caught up, visited everyone’s blogs and just have to post one more picture.

Patti posted several pictures of scrap quilts on her blog, I have many of the same books and loved them all. I also have a quilt made for me by my Mom from one of the patterns she showed. It goes perfectly over the quilt on my guest bed.

By the way, the quilt on this bed is the same color scheme as the wedding quilt that I’m not going to post a picture of – yet.


  1. these are both lovely and so pretty together on the bed. I’ve got those same two books Patti mentioned and will yank them ouf for some bedtime viewing.

  2. RYN: Yes my son only has one quilt. He’s only 13 months. 🙂 So I haven’t had much chance to make him more than one. I need to make him one just to cover his carseat and keep it from getting too hot during the day. He sleeps with his quilt that I made him 🙂

  3. the quilt on the bed is really pretty – I love the movement of the colors – good luck on your personal challenge – not starting anything new would be a killer for me right now

  4. Lucky guests to sleep under those quilts. Did both come from your stash?Check your challenges post. I asked some questions. And did you decide how to quilt your aunt’s quilt?

  5. Both quilts are just gorgeous! I’ve never made a two colour quilt before, the lovely red and white quilt is just the inspiration I need to make one!*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  6. I just saw this quilt in your blog and I love it. I love the color red, it reminds me of love and Valentines day. What a treasure you have,made by your mom.

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