Working on another UFO

Thanks for the comments about my Mom. She had her cataract surgery this morning and did fine. She’s resting quietly today because she’s a little woozy from the medication they gave her and I worked some on another UFO.

I’m not as organized as some other members of our group with my scraps but when I’m cutting for a scrap quilt I do try to think ahead 2 or 3 quilts and cut for more than one at a time. Before leaving home Saturday, I grabbed my blue and green strips that have been waiting to be made into a donation quilt.

The strips I’m using have been picked over a couple times and so far I’m not liking the combination as well as I thought I would. I’m just using a simple 2 rail fence pattern like this one made from the leftovers of a quilt I made for Becky (Chris’ fiance).


  1. I’ve been wondering how she did today. I wouldn’t have thought that you had any more blue strips left after the quilts you made earlier this summer, LOL.

  2. So glad to hear that your mom did well. Most all that time that surgery is a piece of cake, but sometimes things can go wrong. I’m sure you are both glad it’s over.

  3. Happy to hear that your Mom’s surgery went well. I’m sure she’s happy to have you there with her.I like the Rail Fence pattern-it’s so easy and it’s generic. Good for boys and girls.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.It’s nice to see someone else who also enjoys reading. I borrow books from the library. I’ll have to make a list of the ones you have read and check them out next time i go to the library.

  5. I am glad to hear all is good with your mom. Except for being woozy. I hate feeling that way!I wish I could think ahead for 2 or 3 quilts. LOL! Have fun!

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