Finished the first task

The borders are on the blue/green scrap quilt. This is a donation quilt that was pieced from 2.5 inch strips. I’m not sure it doesn’t have too many light fabrics but I worked with what I had left. I think the first one I made from my Red/Purple strips turned out better – the rail fence pattern is more defined in that version.

This is another UFO and I don’t even remember what I had originally planned to use these strips for but when my Mom needed some blue and green 2.5 inch strips for a quilt for her sister’s grandson, we picked over the best strips and used them for that quilt first. I’m slowly gathering some strips in sizes I commonly use so the unused strips went into the bin with my other 2.5 inch strips.

The top will go on the shelf to age a while since I have a few waiting in line for quilting.

I was going to crop more of my mess out of this picture but I noticed Chesty was watching me from the bottom left corner so I left him in.


  1. nice – I LOVE that blue border. That will be a nice masculine quilt for donation. :o) (It does not have the “rail fence” look, but it doesn’t need it either.)

  2. Awww, what a cute little face looking from the corner. It looks like he’s good at staying out of the way of feet!There’s not too many lights in that blue quilt, it’s just perfect. 🙂And I totally understand what you mean about letting quilt tops age a bit before quilting… lol

  3. I love love the loyalty of the pup. the blue border really sets the quilt off. Looks like it should be on exhibit at an aquarium. It’s really beautiful.Melanie

  4. Ok, it’s unanimous! The blue/green quilt is gorgeous. DH and I recently flew to SC and when I saw this quilt, it reminded me of the farmland we saw from up above! LOVE it!

  5. Your quilt looks very good from here 🙂 It does not come through as a rail fence, but is well balanced and nice to look at.Maybe an idea for my purple scraps ?

  6. I love the blue quilt, and I think it has an underwater effect. I used to read Jean Plaidy years ago. I completely forgot about her books.I finished “Angels Fall” last night. It was not up to Nora Roberts usual standards. Your puppy looks adorable.

  7. I liked the red/purple one, but I prefer the blue green one – it’s calmer feeling. =)I like that – on the shelf to age!

  8. Very nice! I like them both, but I think this one is my favorite. I noticed Chesty down there right away. He’s so cute, I’d love to cuddle him!!

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