My to do list
The next couple weeks are going to be busy with a overnight trip for a wedding shower, a 5 day trip to Seattle, and miles to hike to continue my preparation for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk.

My quilting goals during that time are to:

  1. bind and label the wedding quilt
  2. load my aunt’s top on the longarm and start quilting it
  3. put borders on the scrappy blue and green rail fence that I worked on last week at Mom’s

I didn’t get started today because I needed to walk 13 miles to keep up with my training. I didn’t feel well enough to be out on the trail so I broke down and did all 13 miles on the treadmill – 10 this afternoon and the final 3 after dinner. I think as the training miles increase I’ll have to do more of them here at home.


  1. Are you training for a marathon? No wonder you lost weight! 13 miles would be my goal for two weeks. =)I love the picture with your quilts hanging along the railing of the machine. Hard to quilt that way, but it looks great.

  2. Wow, you’re on a busy schedule and 13 miles, wow. I’m hoping I can get out today and do my Neighborhood Two. It has been way too hot for me lately but there’s a break now.

  3. Mary! You have so much going on. Is the green quilt loaded on the machine or is it already quilted? I see the wedding quilt there!You are so busy and you accomplish so much!Judy L.

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