No progress

I haven’t made any progress on any of my quilting projects over the last couple days. Yesterday I did a 15 mile hike which took most of my day and today I did a quick 4 miles on the treadmill in between doing laundry and getting ready for another trip.

This time we’re off to Seattle until Sunday night. Keith will be working most of the trip but I’ll get to explore the city.

Patti commented on my posts about hiking. She was wondering whether I was walking or hiking when I’d post a 5 or 10 mile hike. I’ve got to do a ton of miles to prepare for the Breast Cancer Walk in October and although most of the training walks are supposed to be *easy* miles I prefer to be out on the trail rather than walking on a treadmill or even around my neighborhood. Most of the trails we’re hiking are rated moderately difficult and I’m hoping that by working harder now the 60 miles will be easier in October.

As the suggested training miles have increased I have started doing some of them on the treadmill just because I don’t always have time to drive out to a trail. Days like today, I’m lucky to log any miles at all so I just bite the bullet and jump on the treadmill no matter how much I hate it!


  1. I did the the 3-day in 2004. I was not very dedicated in training, but I did a couple 9-10 mile training walks. The first day was the hardest…my back hurt because I loaded my fanny pack differently for the walk than I did during training. Second day I quit early. Third day was a breeze! It was an AMAZING experience. Good Luck!

  2. Haven’t had a chance to thank you for your explanations. You are so lucky to have so many trails within easy driving distance. We do have some good trails here in town, but nothing that I’d call a “hike”. Vancouver is pretty much lacking in hills. There is a long trail beside the Columbia, and quite a few others, but they are all pretty flat. In order to get to a trail I’d call “moderate” we have to schedule the whole day for driving then hiking then driving.Your dedication is very admirable! No wonder you are succeeding so well with your weight loss goal.

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