What I’m reading

I finished piecing the 9 patch top so I can start September and a new quilt with a clear conscience! It will join my other finished tops and age on the shelf for a while.

I haven’t posted my reading list recently but I’ve still been reading plenty. Here are the most recent ones.

Knitting: A Novel Anne Bartlett
I like reading novels where the characters have the same interests that I do. In this case its knitting and I liked this book OK – but the beginning was better than the end.

Lover’s Knot Emilie Richards
On a similar note but this time with quilting. I’ve mentioned before that I like series where I can get to know a group of characters. This Shenandoah Album series is really light reading but I enjoy them.

Duchess: A Novel of Sarah Churchill Susan Holloway Scott
If you like historical fiction then I’d recommend this one.

Beautiful Lies Lisa Unger
This was a good mystery, it looks like it was her first but she’s got another book coming out in January 2007 so I’ll add her to my list of authors.

Motive John Lescroart
Another good mystery with recurring characters. I like all of his books.

The Things We Do for Love Kristin Hannah
I also enjoyed this book – it was about family relationships AND it was on the bargain table which is always a plus!

and last but not least a book recommended by Sam

The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade Ann Fessler
Very interesting and sad – I read this in the car a couple weekends ago on the way to the wedding shower for Becky. Keith and I had some really intense discussions about the topic as I’d read a bit and then feel the need to discuss and he just happened to be trapped in the car with me for 10+ hours.


  1. I’m amazed that you get to read so many books! I love to read but don’t too often as everything else goes by the wayside and I do nothing until I’ve finished the book LOL.

  2. Like Sandra, if I pick up a good book, I see and hear nothing around me until it is finished. I used to be able to knock of a novel in a day, two max. These days I don’t do so much reading, and when I do more of it is non-fiction than ever before. However, I still love a good read and enjoy your reading lists, thanks for posting them. I am thinking of doing like JudyL has done and get an Ipod (probably generic) and subscribe to a media club so I can listen to novels while quilting-then I would have the best of foth worlds! I would also like to get some language instruction lessons in this manner.

  3. Sounds like a big variety of reading! I am reading something about Toddler’s behavior, a peaceful parenting book and a book on being a balanced Mom – LOL! All books that I can grab and read a bit here and there – I did buy a novel at the beginning of the summer and have read all of the 1st chapter! Cheers!Evelyn

  4. Do you carry a list of authors and titles around with you when you go to the public library or book store? I used to when I would read a review or find something that sounded interesting–a new author to look for, a new title by an author we have read and liked before. I keep an eye and ear out for DJ as well–turned him onto Hiaassen, Elmore Leonard and now he is reading a few more Stuart Woods. Me, some Landvik when I get time.

  5. Mary, thanks for the book recommendations. That last one sounds interesting, i had a cousin who “went away”. She later married but never had any other children.I just finished a book recommended by Bonnie at Quiltville “like a Watered Garden”. Can’t remember the author but it was her first novel and it looks as it will be a series. It’s about a woman with a young son whose husband dies suddenly and how she deals with that situation. Very well written with great characters…

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