We’re up at Big Canoe until Sunday morning so I can’t start my 1 hour quilt yet but I did do some knitting this evening watching TV. I’ve been working on this baby afghan a while since it stays here at the condo and I don’t usually do more than a few rows at a time.

So many Stash Quilt members share their wonderful applique projects I thought I’d share one of mine. My favorite quilts to make are scrappy, pieced patterns but every now and then I like to do some simple applique. I’ve tried several methods but pretty much stick to one now – I pick large simple pieces, I use fusible web, and then I blanket stitch them by HAND. I dislike machine applique and I don’t have the patience for intricate needle turn projects.

This quilt was made last year from one of the McCall’s magazines and I gave it to my sister Ann. For some reason I don’t have a picture of it with the binding on.


  1. Have a good holiday–I saw that your Mom and other family members are okay with the storm in a comment I made after you so that’s good!Lucky sis! Lovely quilt and I’m like you buttonhole by hand–I hate satin stitch around applique—ugh!The green and white on the wall behind is pretty too.

  2. those trees are really pretty up towards the top… like the layout withthe house, then flowerbeds around the house, before you return to the wilds of the forest 🙂

  3. Very lovely greens! One of the reasons I bought my Viking was that it did that buttonhole stitch doubled, and it looks very much like the hand-done – which I will only do in Crazy Quilting, not applique!

  4. It is a great quilt! Even though I am primarily a piecer too, every once in awhile I do some applique – keeps things mixed up a bit! My Janome’s have the hand look button hole stitch which suits me just fine.Cheers!Evelyn

  5. Wow I really like the bright greens on this quilt. It is like a storybook quilt. You could make up all stories about the house and the flowers and the trees and the stars and the paths.

  6. Really cute quilt, Mary. And I am eyeing that one in the background also. Mmmmmm. I bet it is good to be home for a minute, before you are off again. Home your mom is foing OK.

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