Piecing again

After a week or so away from my machine I managed to squeeze in a couple hours today to work on my 1 hour quilt.

It’s veering slightly off course but that’s pretty typical for me. It’s not unusual for me to change a pattern as a quilt goes along. Sometimes it’s a simple change in quilt size or in the borders, sometimes a change in setting. I think I’ll leave you guessing for now since I won’t post a picture until I have more blocks finished.

Since I didn’t meet my goal of loading and starting the quilting on my Aunt’s top before my last trip to Virginia I’ll make that one of my goals for this week.

I’m sure you all have sticking points in your quilting – the one step that you put off – for me that step is loading a quilt on the longarm. Once it’s loaded I quickly finish the quilting and if it’s my quilt the binding gets done right away too. I don’t know what it is about loading a quilt that stops my progress.


  1. yep–that’s my newest least favorite part! Until I got the HQ16-basting was disliked along with doing borders. But loading quilts just seems to be a bit tedious. It now makes me appreciate why LA’s charge a minimum.

  2. It’s time consuming and ‘unproductive’, just one of those things you have to do and get past in order to progress. Can’t wait to see your changes in the pattern.

  3. I didn’t like the loading either, that’s why I got the zippers. Now I have 5 sets. Believe it or not, now I dislike sitting there pinning onto the zippers. I’m rethinking some parts of the hour quilt too. I’m not saying anything until I have it figured out.

  4. I find loading a quilt or in my case, the pinning of it-tedious. guess that is why it can take me so long to “get to it”. looking forward to seeing your version of the 1 hour quilt..I still have not started mine! LOL.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a longarm. I can’t seem to get them layered and basted, why do I think a long arm would make it easier…….

  6. mary, i have that same problem. it’s not rocket science, geesh. but is so boring. i never liked basting quilts either and this is about the same thing. once it’s on, then it’s usually done and i have to start all over. hugs, patti

  7. I am glad that I am not the only one that gets “stuck” at the point of loading the quilt on the long arm! This is also the point that I stall!

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