Tools of the trade

A new ironing board cover to go with my new iron – such a treat!
I don’t think I mentioned it in my blog but my iron died a couple weeks ago and I replaced my Panasonic iron which I liked with a Rowenta iron that said it was anti-drip at low temperatures. With the automatic shut off I was getting some spitting as the iron was heating back up.

I’ve read a lot of negative feedback about Rowenta irons but I LOVE this iron. It’s like the difference between a vacuum with great suction and one with not so great suction. You work a lot harder going back and forth over the same area if your vacuum doesn’t have good suction. Well with this iron, one pass will do – you don’t have to go back and forth over the seams or over the block or fabric. It’s great!

On another note – I was having trouble sewing over seams in my 1 hour quilt – the seams were a little thick but nothing that should have been a problem. I adjusted my presser foot height but still struggled.

Finally, I opened up my bobbin case to clean it out and took a look at the feed dog area. I found a lot of compressed lint between the feed dogs. I’m really good about cleaning the lint out of my bobbin case but had never noticed it building up in this area before. I picked out the lint and my blocks are feeding through beautifully!

Chesty’s found a new spot to sit when I’m piecing


  1. I’ve had one Rowenta iron and I absolutely loved it. I still have it even though it’s really seen better days. It won’t spray any more because the sprayer is cracked, the soleplate has stains that won’t come off, but I still love it. I replaced it with a cordless Maytag – everyone raved about it. It was very expensive – much more so than a Rowenta. My husband got it for me for my birthday a couple years ago. Shhh . . . don’t tell him . . . but I don’t like it nearly as well as my old Rowenta for several reasons. Would you share the name of the model you got? I just might have to come up with an excuse to get one.

  2. I did a complete cleaning and oiling of my machines about a month or two ago, including taking off the plate over the feed dogs. Where did that come from?? It was like a felt factory. I have resolved to be much more regular in routine maintenance.

  3. Ha! When I got my fancy Janome I sewed and sewed and sewed and after about 6 weeks – it wouldn’t sew anymore! I brought it into the shop nearly in tears. The lady very calmly took it all apart and proceeded to take gobs and gobs of lint out from the bobbin casing. I was amazed! I never had a drop in bobbin before so never knew to take that all apart to clean. Nice and clean – the machine sews like a charm!Cheers!Evelyn

  4. Everytime I change my needle (usually after 8 <>total<> hours of stitching I completely clean the bobbin area of my machine. I am able to take off the throat plate and get to my feed dogs, so that gets cleaned too. Makes a world of difference. /paula

  5. glad you were able to find the problem with your machine and get it working well again as I don’t think there’s anything as frustrating as a sewing macihne that wont sew properly…

  6. Sounds like you are all set, Mary. New iron, new cover and de-linted machine. Chesty looks very comfortable there keeping you company. Thanks for the info on the dogtooth tool–if you can let me know the magazine source or find the information that would be great too. TIA

  7. I also have a Rowenta iron and it works well. Mine does not have the automatic shut-off though and I have to be mindful of that or my electric bill shows it.Your dog looks so sweet – right there at your feet, as close as he can get.

  8. Good luck with the new iron! I hope you have more luck with irons that I seem to!Thanks for sharing the tip about the lint in the feed dog area. I am also having trouble with my piecing and I usually clean out my bobbin, but I am not so sure I have been as faithful about the feed dog area.

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