I LOVE my trash!

Strange I know but when I’m cutting and piecing a quilt my trash looks so pretty! And yes there are some small squares in the pink trash but I can’t save every scrap!

The larger pieces in the Autumn trash are from the ends of strips. Bonnie’s directions call for cutting strips to the length needed for each round but I’m a lazy log cabin piecer. I cut my strips the width I need them and then cut them to the right size AFTER sewing them.

I’ve got 20 Autumn blocks finished and 9 more in process so I’ve made good progress today. Keith just called and he’s on the way home from the airport so I’m going to stop for the day.

13 thoughts on “I LOVE my trash!

  1. You have great trash, Mary. When I’m cutting something that’s very colorful, I put the scraps in a canning jar that I keep on my sewing table. It adds just a little touch of color to that corner of the room.


  2. Okay, so bundle it up, see how much shipping is, and email me how much to pay you!!!! 🙂 I’ll email you my snail mail address!!! Nope, not kidding, I can use the “real” scraps for doggy beds for the animal shelters.


  3. I love your new Pink quilt and the Autumn blocks. Your trash is colourful and you must have lots of lovely fabrics in your stash. I look foward to seeing more of your quilts for inspiration.


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