Autumn Quilt

I finished my Autumn blocks this afternoon – I haven’t started to arrange them yet. They’re just laid out in the order I finished them.

I probably won’t get the top put together right away. I’ve got lots of hiking to do this week, we’re going to go up to Big Canoe for the weekend, and I really need to start quilting my Aunt’s top too. For now I’ll leave them laid out and start moving them around until I find a pleasing arrangement.

Not sure about an inner border yet either. I’ve pulled some fabrics from stash but so far nothing is quite right.

Adam was home briefly today. We had just enough time to meet Keith for lunch and to get him fitted for his tux for the wedding. He’ll be Chris’ best man.

For those of you who didn’t read my previous post – this is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s website.


  1. Looks good like it is, Mary but then I hate messing around too much with block placement–don’t go by me, LOL. Now if you can keep Chesty off of them!

  2. Just wonderful Mary. The colors are perfect for fall. This will give such a fantastic seasonal look to your room – whichever one you display it in.

  3. I’m looking at Bonnie’s page right now. Did you do the bonus blocks?Because I’m looking at this pattern and like it but don’t really want the bonus blocks.So could I just sew along the pencil line, trim 1/4 inch away, then just put what would have been the bonus triangles to the side?

  4. Lovely! And like everyone else – I like the way the blocks are placed now! Sometimes I get my blocks all laid out one way and then my Little Boy re-arranges them for me – and every once in awhile I end up with a surprise, but that’s ok. True luxury to be able to leave them displayed like this!Cheers!Evelyn

  5. I just love it Mary, you’ve done a wonderful job. The colours are gorgeous, you’re right, adding the purple really does work!*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  6. Mary, it’s beautiful! Depending on which way you turn the blocks, I can guess that purple would be my choice for a first border.Judy L.

  7. It’s stunning. I just love your color choices. I think it would look fine no matter how you arranged the blocks. Can’t wait to see it complete.

  8. It’s GORGEOUS!! You started on the 16th!!!! It’s quilters like you that make me want to just give up!!! Your work is Beautiful and you have done so much this year alone!! Boy I sure do need some of what ever it is your eating!!! Excellent work!!!! Can’t wait to see how it looks when your done.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the purple bits scattered about, and the background looks really warm – makes the whole quilt snuggly and inviting 🙂

  10. Mary, your quilt is just beautiful. I even called out to DH to come and have a look at the photo and he was very impressed. Now he wants me to make one just like it 🙂

  11. Ooh I love this quilt. It is like a fall day, but a beautiful one with sunny blue skies, where you enjoy the cool temperature, but don’t think of the upcoming winter ahead.

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