Hats, scarves, & shawls

Having lived in Florida and Georgia for the last 17 years I don’t have any hats and scarves so I decided I need to prepare for the move to Minneapolis by making myself some.

I’ve been looking for books and patterns for hats, scarves, and shawls and have had trouble finding simple patterns to knit or crochet. The ones I found were either ugly or too complicated.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve found 3 books that I love and in the last 4 days, I finished 2 hats and am halfway through a scarf (hats go SO fast I love making them).

This first hat is not from one of the books but is from a pattern I got at the yarn store and is more of a recipe than a pattern. It shows you how to make several variations of this hat in any size with any yarn.

This is the FIRST knitted hat I’ve ever made – it’s knitted in the round on circular needles and then double pointed needles are used to shape the crown. I’m so PROUD of myself because it turned out great. I’ve got to go back to the store and get more yarn to make a matching scarf.

Just when I had given up on finding a crochet hat that wasn’t ugly and bulky I found the book Crochet a Dozen Hats. This hat is crocheted in Lions Brand Homespun yarn and is cute and warm.

I finished making the Chenille hat and scarf for my Mom but I hate it – it’s big and bulky. Since this turned out so nice I’m going to make another one like this for Mom rather than sending her the ugly one.

Here are the 3 books I found. I especially love the last book by Carri Hammett – in addition to great patterns she has wonderful *lessons* and tips.

Crochet A Dozen Hats
ByNancy Brown

Big Book of Knit Hats & Scarves for Everyone (Leisure Arts #4484) (Paperback)

Scarves and Shawls for Yarn Lovers: Knitting with Simple Patterns and Amazing Yarns
by Carri Hammett


  1. Great hats! I’d like to learn to knit or crochet, but my attempts haven’t been successful. I like the idea of having a more portable project. I’m very impressed with your efforts!!

  2. Those are cute hats. You are multi-talented!BTW, lionbrand.com has lots of free knit and crochet patterns. I was browsing though them today as I just bought a pair of Speed Stix – size 50! needles.

  3. Wow Mary, your hats are just lovely. I love the colours in both of them! Thank you so much for sharing the names of good books, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them. I’d especially like to try the crochet one. I admire that you’ve worked with the round needle, I’m too chicken to try them.Have a great day*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  4. A word to the wise (from someone who’s braved more than a couple midwest winters): you’re going to want a wool hat. And knit it at a pretty dense guage to keep the wind from coming in. (Some days, those winds can be really biting.) Mittens: if you’re going to knit them, make them felted, fair-isle, or thrummed. Anything else, you’re still going to be letting in that wind. I’m a die-hard knitting freak, and I wear Thinsulate mittens in the winter. You seriously can’t compare.Now you have even more reason to make tons of warm quilts!

  5. Your knitting is great! Now you’re ready to make some wool hats for our troops overseas! I’m attempting to recruit you for The Hugs Project. lol! We send crocheted/knitted wool hats over for both the soldiers and acryllic hats for the kids there in what we refer to as “the sandbox.” 🙂 Betty J in OKC

  6. I saw on Stashbusters your comment about moving and wondered to where. Now I know! Are you from the north, are you in for the shock of your life? heheheYour hats look great! I knit and crochet too, so I’ll be sure to check out the books you mentioned. My fave online site is knitty.com … check to see if there’s anything there you think you like and can do.BTW… absolutely love the autumn quilt. It just sparkles.Sheila in Ohio

  7. My favorite scarf is a combo scarf and hat… my Mom made a very long scarf – about 9 or 10 inches wide, and after she was done, she folded it in half and took an extra yarn bit and sewed up a foot or so of the back, to make a hood shape. I like it when I’m only going from my car to work, and work to my car, it doesn’t give me ‘hat head’ like a stocking cap does. 🙂

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