Checking things off my to do list

  1. My Aunt’s quilt – only the side borders left to quilt which I’ll finish up after I get off the computer tonight.
  2. Autumn quilt – 1st border is on, 2nd pieced border in process. This top should be finished in the next day or two.
  3. Catering arranged for the lunch at my house for the day of the wedding.
  4. 5 mile hike done this afternoon.
  5. Successfully unraveled my scarf back to an error and fixed it – yeah! This is the first time I’ve been able to unravel and then get all my stitches back on the needle without twisting or dropping any.
  6. Made arrangements for a temporary corporate apartment starting mid-November. We were lucky and found one right in Downtown Minneapolis.


  1. Well, hooray for finding an apartment that will be convenient. I don’t mind moving – but I do LIKE to know WHERE I am moving to! Sounds like you are making lots of progress on many fronts.Cheers!Evelyn

  2. I hope you are enjoying the wedding prep. I had a great time planning one, and tried to enjoy the process, although sometimes it was hard. Love your autumn quilt.Lois

  3. You’ve been busy. Did you unravel or unknit? I can’t unravel because I always seem to lose stitches. Whereas unknitting may be slower but I end up with the correct number of stitches. /paula

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