The Wedding Quilt

Chris and Becky are on their way here for the weekend to finalize the last details for the wedding. Since I’m going to give them the quilt to take back with them I can finally post a picture.

My Mom helped by piecing the blocks which I sewed together and then quilted. I think you can see the quilting better in the second picture – it’s a pantograph but I think it suits the quilt.

I just realized when I went to post these pictures that I took them before I did the binding. I’ll have to take a final picture before I let the kids take the quilt home.


  1. A very nice quilt and a very generous gift! I like the pantograph on this one. Thanks for showing us the much talked about and awaited wedding quilt!

  2. Maria I have seen all your works are wonderful, that you are become fond of to the reading, you drink books as we say here in Spain jajaja.Además that many of your works are donated for social work. As it goes with your lost one of weight? And the preparations of the wedding of your son? Saludos from distant spot ahhhhhhh that pain that America this so far………

  3. I feel like I am just repeating everybody in saying that this quilt is gorgeous. I like the wonderful fabric selection and the pattern you selected sets them off so nicely. Thepiecing is well executed, and the quilting as well as the fabric selection softens the pattern.

  4. i love the quilting you’ve done on the wedding quilt. I’m sure they will treasure it.And your Autumn quilt top looks beautiful. Love the borders you have chosen. Well done.

  5. Evelyn said what I was thinking- hope you put a special label on it! it really came out gorgeous. I am sure they are going to love it. Way to get it done!

  6. It’s a beautiful quilt, Mary, and the quilting is wonderful. I hope they appreciate your hard work and beautiful workmanship.

  7. What a stunner the wedding quilt is, Mary. Chris and Becky are SO lucky to have it! I’m sure they will treasure it.Also love the autumn quilt. Your color sense is just wonderful!

  8. What a beautiful quilt–isn’t it amazing how sometimes the simplest quilt patterns done in two colors can be so smashing? You did one even better by making it a bit scrappy, adding more interest. And what a wonderful gift–AND it’s done before the wedding! 🙂

  9. I agree with Passionate Quilter! The simplest pattern can be the most striking! I did one close to this pattern in orange. I’m NOT an orange person, but I LOVE that quilt!

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