Autumn Quilt

I finished my Autumn blocks this afternoon – I haven’t started to arrange them yet. They’re just laid out in the order I finished them.

I probably won’t get the top put together right away. I’ve got lots of hiking to do this week, we’re going to go up to Big Canoe for the weekend, and I really need to start quilting my Aunt’s top too. For now I’ll leave them laid out and start moving them around until I find a pleasing arrangement.

Not sure about an inner border yet either. I’ve pulled some fabrics from stash but so far nothing is quite right.

Adam was home briefly today. We had just enough time to meet Keith for lunch and to get him fitted for his tux for the wedding. He’ll be Chris’ best man.

For those of you who didn’t read my previous post – this is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s website.


Another 5 blocks finished on the Autumn quilt and the final 10 in process. Keith has a business dinner tomorrow night so I hope to finish the blocks late afternoon or early evening tomorrow.

Adam, my younger son, will be coming home to get fitted for his tux for the wedding tomorrow. He’s just 2 and 1/2 hours away on the other side of Atlanta but he works ALL the time and we don’t see him much. He’s only got the day off so he’ll drive home, go to lunch with us, get fitted for his tux, and head back.


On the topic of my trash, I had several interesting comments. Angie makes doggie beds and Eileen puts hers in a canning jar. I like the idea of a large jar or vase with the layers showing the different quilts I’m making. When the jar gets full – the scraps could go into a doggie bed and be donated. I have tons of batting scraps too so maybe Angie can tell me how she goes about making the doggie beds.

I LOVE my trash!

Strange I know but when I’m cutting and piecing a quilt my trash looks so pretty! And yes there are some small squares in the pink trash but I can’t save every scrap!

The larger pieces in the Autumn trash are from the ends of strips. Bonnie’s directions call for cutting strips to the length needed for each round but I’m a lazy log cabin piecer. I cut my strips the width I need them and then cut them to the right size AFTER sewing them.

I’ve got 20 Autumn blocks finished and 9 more in process so I’ve made good progress today. Keith just called and he’s on the way home from the airport so I’m going to stop for the day.

Stashbuster’s Weekend Retreat

I got an early start this morning – up and cutting out my Autumn quilt at 6:30AM. Very unusual for me because I usually sleep late (not just on the weekends either!) which is one of the wonderful things about not working.

I debated which pattern to use for this year’s Autumn quilt – I really like Judy’s October quilt for an hour pattern – Leaf Season but I’ve been wanting to do Bonnie’s Pineapple Blossom for a long time too. In the end I chose to do the Pineapple Blossom because I think it will best with my fabrics. Do you see some purple in these blocks? Last year was the first time I’d used purple in one of my autumn quilts – trust me it works!

Keith won’t be home until dinner time and I hiked 10 miles yesterday so today will be spent working on this top.

Quilt Pink

I finished my top tonight – I started out making Judy’s Quilt but as you see it became my Pink Quilt inspired by Judy’s 1 hour Quilt. I had so much fun seeing everyone’s version of this quilt and I loved playing along and creating my own.

Once it’s quilted it will be donated to help raise money for the fight against Breast Cancer through Quilt Pink.

Copyright discussion

I’m going to add to the discussion I’ve been reading about on other blogs and on the Stashbuster list.

I bought two books last week in Virginia – Big ‘n Easy by Judy Hopkins and Bundles of Fun by Karen Snyder and both books had a version of a half log cabin quilt. I also made a quilt using a half log cabin block last year. I posted a picture on my blog after some discussion on the Stashbuster list about a pattern called Bento Box which uses a half log cabin block AND Jeanne posted a picture of a Mystery quilt she did which was basically the same quilt.

So who gets credit for *designing* this quilt? Is everyone else (including me) guilty of *stealing* the design?

I am inspired by quilts in books, at shows, in magazines, and on the internet but 9 times out of 10 when it comes time for me to make a quilt I sit down at my computer, open EQ5 and design my quilt.

Tools of the trade

A new ironing board cover to go with my new iron – such a treat!
I don’t think I mentioned it in my blog but my iron died a couple weeks ago and I replaced my Panasonic iron which I liked with a Rowenta iron that said it was anti-drip at low temperatures. With the automatic shut off I was getting some spitting as the iron was heating back up.

I’ve read a lot of negative feedback about Rowenta irons but I LOVE this iron. It’s like the difference between a vacuum with great suction and one with not so great suction. You work a lot harder going back and forth over the same area if your vacuum doesn’t have good suction. Well with this iron, one pass will do – you don’t have to go back and forth over the seams or over the block or fabric. It’s great!

On another note – I was having trouble sewing over seams in my 1 hour quilt – the seams were a little thick but nothing that should have been a problem. I adjusted my presser foot height but still struggled.

Finally, I opened up my bobbin case to clean it out and took a look at the feed dog area. I found a lot of compressed lint between the feed dogs. I’m really good about cleaning the lint out of my bobbin case but had never noticed it building up in this area before. I picked out the lint and my blocks are feeding through beautifully!

Chesty’s found a new spot to sit when I’m piecing