I’ve put this off long enough!

With just the Colors of Autumn top to quilt as my remaining goal for October, I finally jumped in and seriously started sorting/cleaning my studio in preparation for the move.

I’ve gone through all my books and decided that I will keep most of them. Since I enjoy looking through the ones that I’ll never make a quilt out of I’ll just have to find space for them.

I also started sorting through my fabric – a lot of it is from Joann’s and Hancock Fabric’s that I bought in the first few years I was quilting. I still buy fabric there at times but I’m more discriminating so I’m sorting through the stuff I don’t want to use and donating it. I’m keeping a lot of bits and pieces that will go into scrap quilts and some larger pieces that can be used for backing. Most of my quilt shop fabric is fat quarters but there are larger pieces bought for borders that I’m also keeping.


  1. Way to go. I don’t think that there are many of us that wouldn’t benefit from sorting through our fabric stash and culling what we don’t use or won’t use in the future.

  2. Envying those shelving units you have and hope that you will have this arrangement in your new home. This is an excellent time to go through things and sort out what can be donated and what should be saved. Why move and then have to do it later? Or try to find space for it if you don’t have the shelving?

  3. way to go Mary! boy did your pink quilt turn out fantastic!..it will surely be a huge hit with whoever ends up with it.good luck with all that packing…

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