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I had several comments about my studio and bookcase and I’m going to miss both of them. How am I ever going to fit my longarm and all my stuff in a regular size bedroom?

Well, besides sorting through fabric, books, and notions I’ve been looking at my options with my longarm. I’ve tentatively decided I’m going to trade in my Classic Plus with its 12 foot table for a smaller Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. I’m hoping the increased space will make up for any inconvenience. My sister has a Premier on a 10 foot table and I’ve seen/used her setup so I’m confident I can make it work. The only question is how I’m going to time the exchange.

Unfortunately. since my bookcase is built in I won’t be able to take it with me. I’ve been looking at the book Creating your perfect quilting space and loved the shelves used for fabric storage in one of the makeovers. I looked for them at the Ikea site but couldn’t find them. However I did find another one that might work – what do you think?


  1. Hmm, you might even like the other ones better, they have more compartments, so you can divide your fabric into even MORE different piles. 🙂And those baskets at the bottom would be perfect for strips and scraps.

  2. I really like this one. I had to go and check the Ikea website myself. I did not find exactly the same online here. The way you have been pairing down your fabrics moving will go much smoother and you will enjoy moving your fabrics into a new shelf 🙂

  3. Mary, there is an Ikea store in Minneapolis, at the Mall of America. Perhaps you should wait until you move and go and check it out. I don’t know if you have ever been to an Ikea store, but it is a cool experience. You may find the shelves you want or perhaps find something a little different.

  4. The Ikea shelves look great but I would prefer transparent baskets so I could see what is in them, being of short memory. Lol. It must be hard to leave those great built-in shelves.

  5. glad you are coming up with a solution to the smaller size room and keeping a longarm that will work for you in that space. I like the idea of shopping at the Ikea store where you are moving-the ones you found look great.

  6. I have a bunch of Ikea shelves for my fabric, etc — I forget the name of the style, but they’re cubbies about 13″ wide, and there are cylindrical metal legs that keep the cabinet about 6″ off the floor — those cubbies each hold 2 stacks of fabric folded with a 6″ ruler…

  7. with the fabric folded as they suggest in the book those look like definite possibilities. Too bad your existing ones aren’t going with you.

  8. Mary,These look great! I am wondering where in MN you are moving to? MN is my home! I hope to get back there someday!HugsLaurie

  9. Mary,I have my longarm, with a 12 ft table, in a spare bedroom. We took out a closet at one end of the room. I don’t know if that’s an option where you’re moving.I bought the Windy day panto because I liked the way it looked on the quilt you did.What’s the model number of the shelves you showed us?

  10. I like the shelves and looks like a perfect size for fabric. If the shelves are too big, the piles eventually just fall over. Downsizing? ouch! I could downsize my whole house–but my sewing room? Sounds like you have a good plan though without sacrificing too much.

  11. I was just in IKEA today! I have some plasic cubes I found at Bed Bath and Beyond that fit in my wire cubes. You might be able to find something like that to make your projects more visible. I love to poke around IKEA! today I found a telescoping curtain rod to use with ring clips for hanging my quilts for pictures! Very sturdy and the price was right too!

  12. I think that design works great, but I would want more depth in the shelves. You don’t want your fabric hanging off or it eventually has creases that don’t come out.

  13. I think this set-up would work for your smaller cuts and fat quarters interspersed with books and photos! For larger cuts maybe there is a closet in the room where you could put bigger shelving. Just be sure to securely fasten free-standing units to the wall for safety.Cheers!Evelyn

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