Fat quarter binge

Since joining the Stashbuster list 2+ years ago I have – for the most part – controlled my fabric spending.

Today, I dropped my Pink Quilt off at Little Quilts and everywhere I turned there were bundles calling my name. I wanted to pick up some fat quarters (30’s prints) to send my Mom otherwise I wouldn’t even have stayed to look.

I found 2 fat eighth packs to send to Mom and 4 fat quarter bundles for me. I guess I felt the old fabric I was flinging was leaving room for some newcomers.


  1. You are such a prolific quilter and do so many charity quilts… and if this is the first time in 2 years you splurged… you deserve it!! Enjoy the gorgeous fabrics!I was just admiring a “Little Quilts” book here in Ireland that one of our patchwork group ladies had! I think after this DJ, Little Quilts will be my theme for 2007, for decorating the new house!! How lucky to live near the store, I bet there are some lovely quilts in there!

  2. Mary, I have to go to Little Quilts after the 15th to pick up my next ‘buck a block’ installlment. Are you willing to risk more buying?? Maybe we can meet there.

  3. It’s beautiful fabric and some of it is a gift, so the bonus for you doesn’t count right? Besides, if you’ve been good for two years it doesn’t hurt to splurge now and then

  4. Singing their “siren song”, where they? They won’t take up much room and some are going to your mom. You were probably updating and filling fabric gaps as much as anything. Low on reds, nice group of neutrals for a scrappy mix? You didn’t go hog wild.

  5. You sure deserve it Mary. For many reasons, you certainly have been doing a great job using your stash–making quilts for Charities–cleaning and purging your studio and a good-bye present from your area. I say good for you. They sure are pretty to look at just like that, aren’t they?

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