I’ve been debating what to do about my longarm when we move. Because we want to live downtown – the options we’re looking at for housing won’t accommodate my longarm PLUS my sewing machine, cutting table, and fabric all in a single bedroom.

So, I’ve decided to trade in my Classic Plus on a 12 foot table for a Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. Because I only quilt for myself and family and don’t do any quilting for hire, I know I can make this work for me. I don’t quilt many king size quilts and when I do have the need to – I can always quilt them in two pieces and then assemble them using *quilt as you go* methods.

I’m sure this move to Minneapolis won’t be our last move over the next 10+ years and I think by downsizing my machine now I’ll have more flexibility with this move and with any future ones.


  1. Mary: I’ve thought about doing the same thing but from the looks of things, I’m never going anywhere so it won’t matter! 🙁I don’t think you’ll have any problems with a 10 foot table.Judy L.

  2. I loved my Premier, and it wasn’t even a Plus. 10 feet will still get you over 100″, so you can put a quilt on sideways, if you have to. I only used QD Select cotton battings, so they weren’t too puffy to go a long distance. Their poly will do the same.

  3. Sometimes 2 feet can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making something fit into a space. It might not seem like alot, but if it makes everything fit into 1 room for you, then I would say it is a good move. Do you have the measurements of the room it is going into? Always good to take LOTS of measurements first because the table you have now might fit. You can always see how the existing table fits first and then if you feel it is too close for comfort, then trade to the 10′ table. Sooo much to think about when you move!!!Cheers!Evelyn

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