I hate picking out quilting stitches!

While sitting around all afternoon waiting for the dealership to call and say my car was ready to be picked up, I loaded my Colors of Autumn top on the longarm.

Keith is out of town (again) so I decided to come down and start quilting around 10PM – after quilting about half a row of the Windy Day pantograph I felt it was too much for the already busy scrap quilt. So I’ve spent the last hour picking out the quilting and probably have almost 2 hours left if what I’ve gotten done so far is any indication. Usually I pick out my quilting stitches from the back of my quilt but in this case I’m using Bottom Line thread and my tension is outstanding! The stitches are completely sunk into the flannel backing so I have no choice but to pick from the front.

After waiting all day for the call to pick up my car – it’s going to be another day and this was already the 3rd day disrupted. I spent Monday afternoon at the dealership, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon waiting to pick the car up and so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it’s actually finished tomorrow as promised.

I’m going to bed and will deal with the quilt and the car dealership tomorrow!


  1. UGH I am not sure which is worse – dealing with car stuff or picking….(Well I do know that “done is better than perfect” and if the tension is right on…)

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