Spectacular Scraps

Judy posted a comment on Stashbusters about the challenge of using stash fabrics. My response to her and the group was about the color concepts used in the book Spectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts by Judy Hooworth, Margaret Rolfe.

This purple and orange half square triangle was the first quilt I made using two color families and throwing in ALL the purple and orange fabrics I had. Yes, everything went into this quilt.

Although the book uses half square triangles (with a bunch of different layouts) I also used this concept when I made Becky’s half log cabin quilt – this time in her favorite colors of purple and red.

I would recommend this book to anyone but especially to those people trying to use the fabric they already own! Make the quilts using half square triangles or take the color concepts and combinations and use with other patterns.


  1. I have this book, too. I really like the anything-goes color concept, and the photos that show how this actually looks when put into practice in a real quilt!Jeanne

  2. Those are some great purples and yellows in there – I think you must have received a double dose of the color-coordination gene. Either that or the fabric-stash collection gene!

  3. that was one of the first quilt books I purchased and it’s still one of my favorites for leafing through and daydreaming! I think it must be time to pull it off the shelf again…

  4. Beautiful quilt – I too have a purple & orange quilt – becasue it went with the theme print aka border novelty print of koi (Not Shy, but Koi)!

  5. I love that quilt! I don’t know if I have that book . . have to go check and if not, guess I’ll have to get it.Thanks!Judy L.

  6. I bought that book a couple of years ago just to get myself to do bright colors. So which quilt am I making? The Opal one with black and purple HSTs. I’ve got all the fabric and started sewing HSTs, but am a long way to done.Great job on your quilts! They look so cheerful and exciting!! I would never have thought of purple and red and I actually have stash that will do for that!

  7. I’m a Spectacular Scraps fan, too! Each of the SS quilts I’ve made (6? 7?) has been easy and the results are great.

  8. I think that color selection is daunting for many quilters – especially when you are looking at a pile of fabrics! It seemed like lots of quilts were created for Color Spectrum – where you just used 1 color. I’ve made 2 scrappy color on color quilts this summer (blue and green), but a 2 color scrappy would also be lots of fun! These are great quilts to use bits and pieces of everything!!!Your version of this quilt is great!Cheers!Evelyn

  9. This Spectacular Scraps quilt is indeed spectacular. I really like your fall quilt too. You have a magical way with choosing fabric. I know you said you just used everything in your stash, but you must be really good with buying your fabric so it goes so well together!I too have a purple quilt that uses all the fabric I have. Hopefully it will turn out at least half as good as yours.

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