A walk in the woods

I should have spent the afternoon packing or quilting but instead I took a 6 mile walk in the woods and this time I brought my camera along.

I’ll miss these trails.

16 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

  1. Oh Mary thank You for sharing your photos from your walk with us!!! I so miss seeing the fall colors – leaves do not change colors where I live in TX. 😦 That photo of the deer is great!!! ~Bonnie


  2. Beautiful snapshots. But I just know you’re the kind of person that will find good where ever you are. I can picture you with some of those ‘high tech snow shoes’ real soon. Even though you have to leave now….wouldn’t it have been a shame to never have spent time in Georgia? You’re going to do great….


  3. Going from that to the big city is going to be hard, no doubt. But you’ll find different things to enjoy there. I am impressed that you want to do any hiking after that 60 miles!!! 🙂


  4. Lovely day here for a walk though we didn’t go near 6 miles, LOL–try closer to 2. Gotta love the 60s and no humidity to speak of after those hot steamy summer days we deal with in the SE, right?


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