I think Nancy was was the one who first asked what we collect.

I started collecting t-shirts from cities I was visiting a few years ago when I began traveling with my husband on his business trips with the intention of eventually making a t-shirt quilt. Shortly after that I was given a coffee mug from Hawaii by my sister in law as thanks for watching her son while she and her husband went there on vacation. So now on my trips I collect coffee mugs, my t-shirt collection has expanded to include sweatshirts and I get to relive memories of my trips each morning as I choose which cup to use that day.

I plan on gathering all my t-shirts together as I get ready for the move and maybe actually make the quilt when I get settled in Minneapolis. Right now there are t-shirts in my studio, in my closet, and in my dresser and I don’t even know how many of them I’ve collected at this point.


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