Cathedral Windows

I also took a picture of the finished Cathedral Window’s quilt. I was in the guest bedroom taking the other pictures and realized that it would fit on this quilt rack. Since I took down the wallhanging that was there I think I’ll leave it up here for now.


Vicki and I have been chatting some offline about toppers so when I was stripping one of my quilts off my guest bed I remembered that I’d made a quilted bedspread when I first got my longarm.

I remade the bed with the bedspread and tossed two small quilts on top. I think I’ll leave the bedspread and these two small quilts for Chris and Becky. We’re leaving them 3 queen size beds and one twin but I’m not leaving my queen size quilts! Of course, first I have to ask my Mom if she minds me leaving the scrappy tree quilt because she made that one for me! Don’t look at my mismatching pillowcases!

Email address changed

I’ve updated blogger with my new email address but please check your address books and delete my old Bellsouth email address.

I will be checking both emails for a couple weeks but once I move, the Bellsouth address will no longer be valid and I’m trying to get everyone using the new address before then. Thanks.

Profile pictures

You can see I’ve changed my picture again – it’s hard to find a picture I like and somehow when they are cropped and sized small enough they don’t look as good to me. Maybe I was just accustomed to seeing the first picture I used on the blog but I didn’t really like the recent replacement and I’m not crazy about this one either.

I should have used the time to take and post a picture of the finished Cathedral Windows table quilt but I didn’t. Maybe I’ll get a picture taken tomorrow.

Home sweet soon to be home

I flew back to Marietta today to finish preparing for the move and when I head back to Minneapolis on December 21st it will be for good.

I took a couple pictures of the apartment building and the park. The temporary apartment is just a few blocks away from this one so I went by frequently when I was out walking Chesty. It’s convenient to have the park so close by but Chesty got overly excited about the squirrels. We’ll live in this apartment for at least a year – maybe more and I’m looking forward to getting our stuff moved and settling in. The temporary apartment is OK but not that comfortable.

The view of the park from the balcony

A nice long walk

We took a 10 mile walk today along the Mississippi to try and work off some of the Thanksgiving dinner we ate yesterday. The weather was nice – cool but not too cold. It’s been nice to walk everywhere rather than get in the car every time we want to go somewhere.

I worked some on my Cathedral Windows quilt and decided it’s going to be a table topper. I pulled it out this year in January after not working on it for two years and it set there most of this year too. I finished up the last few blocks and am in the process of sewing the last row together.

When I originally started this quilt I intended to make a topper for a bed but knowing I might get tired of it, I would work a row on the top half and then one on the bottom half. Now having finished the last row I just have to join the two halves together and it will be one more UFO off my list.


No progress on the Cathedral windows yet – I’m spending most of my time walking around the city or working on move details.

The good news is that I’ve got everything set up for the apartment and we’ll sign the lease on Saturday. We had to lease it for the month of December to get the unit we wanted even though we won’t move in until our furniture arrives sometime between the 26-28th. The temporary apartment is OK but I’m glad we won’t be in it long.