My official move date

My move date is finally set and Keith made my reservations this afternoon. I leave Marietta for Minneapolis on December 21st. Luckily we’ll be living within a block of the skyway system so I can get around downtown even in the worst weather.

Keith leaves on November 17th but I will be driving up with him and spending 10 days in Minneapolis before returning here. We’ll end up being apart for less than a month and it will be a busy time so I know it will fly by.


  1. That is coming up so soon and you will have so much to do. I hope that you enjoy Minneapolis, but with Chris in the house, I’m sure you will return for visits.

  2. You will be close to downtown if you’ll have access to the skyway system. That system is one of the coolest ideas in a downtown ever. The very first full-time I had back in 1980 included doing a “trade route” through downtown. It was about a 5 mile walk around the town delivering and picking up work. I got to use the skyway system for most of the trip. Enjoy your new home.

  3. Your life has been one event after another for months!!! Maybe after the first of the year you will be able to rest a bit.

  4. I bet you are happy that Chris and Becky can make use of your home in GA and things are working out at that end. Now a date to shoot for Minneapolis as well. Lots of packing to do, no doubt in the interim. Are you taking some things with you to make Keith feel more settled to you get there?

  5. Good luck with your move !Your new photo looks so nice – you look beautiful and very fit 🙂You have been putting in a lot of exercise and effort for your breast cancer walk.

  6. Leaving your home is hard but moving is such a wonderful adventure! Think of all the new quilting buddies you will make! Plus you have the best of both worlds….you get to go back when you visit with your children!

  7. Hope your move goes smoothly. It’s a big job – you have my sympathy.I’m sure you’ll enjoy settlng in to your new home.

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