Packing up

Keith and I spent the weekend up at Big Canoe packing up the things we aren’t selling with the condo. It was very difficult to leave this afternoon knowing that we won’t be back up or at least not back up together as I’ll probably go up in December before I leave to check on things.

We decided to rent our house here in Marietta to Chris and Becky who are moving back to the area in January with the idea of selling it to them in a few years once they are in a position to buy it. The condo is still for sale but Chris will keep a watch on it for us until it sells – of course it would be nice if it sold before I left in December but I’m not holding my breath.

We took time out yesterday for one last walk.

Since Chris has been after me to change the picture in my profile I’ll upload this one that Keith took while we were out walking.


  1. Ohh, such pretty yellow leaves there, so bright! I think my favorite picture of those you’ve recently posted is the one of you dancing with your tall son. It’s an excellent sharp pic, with a genuine smile. 🙂

  2. I can see from your photos why this would be a hard place to leave. It’s nice to see the autumn colors since the leaves are long gone up here.

  3. I am not typically a tree hugger, but I think if I were you, I would have to give each-and-EVERY-one a good bye hug before leaving. 🙁 The photos you show us of where you walk are Post Card – Gorgeous!!!Of course where you are moving to will have pretty foliage like this too just earlier in the year. Good luck with your move. Love the new pic of you too ;c) ~Bonnie

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