I’d rather be quilting…..

I spent the day going through files and cleaning up my desk. It wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t keep stopping to read things in the files I’d forgotten about or if I didn’t save every scrap of paper that ever came across my desk. I’m sure I could easily discard even more but I know I’ll need this stuff as soon as I throw it away.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be more of the same.


  1. Mary, gee I seem to have the same paper problem you do! I am getting better about recycling/shredding/throwing away paper as they come in. BUT, I’m not recovered from my clutter addiction yet. HA! It would help to not have catalogs (yummy ones) arrive everyday or my son bringing home piles of papers. Neither one of those will change anytime soon!

  2. There’s enough things changing in your life right now. It’s paper—doesn’t weigh much, Pack it, hold onto it, keep it until you are ready to part with it. Hang in there. I remember moving and I brought countless things I didn’t need to. Then one morning I woke up and was ready to let go. You will too.. just wait.

  3. Paper, ugh! We hate it, but can never seem to throw it away. My desk hides behind a curtain so out of sight means out of mind. I’d rather quilt than sort through papers.

  4. UGH… I hate that part of “life.” As soon as I throw something away, I “need” it. (Thankfully the most recent item on that list was not deleted from my e-mail yet…)

  5. I often wonder about the sanity of computers and papers. One was supposed help curb the shuffling of the other! It seems that instead of less papers we now have more….the ones being store for safety on the computer and the same one being stored for safety in the file cabinet. Just keep up the mantra, “the shredder is my friend, the shredder is my friend.”

  6. That is the stuff I dread doing. Where does it all come from? I need to start preparing to move now! Wishing you lots of luck! And aren’t those skyways great!

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