Colorado Springs (Trip #1)

If the move wasn’t enough to keep me busy I’ve got three trips planned between now and my move on December 21st. First, I’m going to Colorado Springs and will be gone this Saturday through Tuesday. This will be a fun trip – I’m staying at the Broadmoor hotel and plan to visit the spa one afternoon if I haven’t left it too late to make a couple appointments. I’ll call tomorrow and hopefully they can fit me in.

Next will be a trip to Minneapolis from November 17 – 27. I’ll drive up with Keith and then fly back after Thanksgiving.

Finally, I booked my flight to visit Mom in December – I’ll be there the 7th-12th.

Adam will be here tomorrow for the day so I won’t be working on my move preparations until Wed/Thurs of next week. I still haven’t accomplished as much as I need to especially with the above trips but I did make more progress today.

I did piece a couple quilt backs last night just so I could work on something quilty. I thought about loading a top and quilting that but now with Adam coming that won’t happen but maybe when I get back from Minneapolis I can squeeze one last quilt in.


  1. you make me tired! hopefully you can get your spa appts, you need them and be sure to plan a few spa trips in January, you’ll need it then too!

  2. I love Colorado Springs! My husband and daughter both graduated from the AF Academy, so the city is dear to my heart! My husband and I had wonderful dates there and I miss going to see football games! I would love to move to Colorado someday.

  3. No rest for the wicked LOL. Enjoy your trips. I can’t believe you’re doing all that before Christmas – makes me worn out just thinking about it 🙂

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