Home sweet soon to be home

I flew back to Marietta today to finish preparing for the move and when I head back to Minneapolis on December 21st it will be for good.

I took a couple pictures of the apartment building and the park. The temporary apartment is just a few blocks away from this one so I went by frequently when I was out walking Chesty. It’s convenient to have the park so close by but Chesty got overly excited about the squirrels. We’ll live in this apartment for at least a year – maybe more and I’m looking forward to getting our stuff moved and settling in. The temporary apartment is OK but not that comfortable.

The view of the park from the balcony


  1. The only way you can tell it’s winter is by looking at the little trees without their leaves. Not how I picture Minnesota as looking this time of year!

  2. Mary, looks nice! I know you’ll be very happy to get settled. Do you think Chesty will get used to the squirrels and not even notice them after a while?Judy L.

  3. Hope you get settled in quickly and I hope Minneapolis isn’t as cold as I think it is. My only exposure to that city is through Mary Tyler Moore.

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