Vicki and I have been chatting some offline about toppers so when I was stripping one of my quilts off my guest bed I remembered that I’d made a quilted bedspread when I first got my longarm.

I remade the bed with the bedspread and tossed two small quilts on top. I think I’ll leave the bedspread and these two small quilts for Chris and Becky. We’re leaving them 3 queen size beds and one twin but I’m not leaving my queen size quilts! Of course, first I have to ask my Mom if she minds me leaving the scrappy tree quilt because she made that one for me! Don’t look at my mismatching pillowcases!


  1. I’ve thought about doing this. Just using a solid bedspread and then throwing a topper on it with maybe matching pillowcases. We have a king bed and I just don’t like making quilts that big.

  2. What a neat way to display a smaller quilt! Looks great on the bed. I never though about doing a quilted bedspread – I’ll have to think on that. I supposed I should quilt all my finished tops first – what do you think? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course LOL!)

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