My old table being broken down

My new longarm came today – packed for the move and I said goodbye to my Classic Plus. Several people have asked if I’m upset at *having* to downsize my machine and the answer is no.

A smaller machine gives me more flexibilty with this and future moves and I can still do everything I did on the old machine. Now I just have to get through the rest of the month knowing I can’t do any quilting or can I? I might make a simple rag quilt just to sew. I’ve got two more big sorting jobs left before the packers come on the 18th and I have a trip to Virginia to see my Mom so we’ll see how it goes.

The new machine and table ready for the move.


  1. I love the birds in the Air quilt on the wall and hope that your move goes smoothly. At least when you move we all stay in touch in cyber land.Hugs

  2. Don’tcha just hate that in between waiting time before moving. Think of now sewing this way…you’ll be raring to go once you’re moved in.

  3. Ugh on those mice tripping around up there. We get one or two every year in spite of DJ’s best effort to seal the house. It is his job to set and empty the traps–just like it would be Keith’s.It won’t be long now till the moving van pulls in. Good that you dont have to worry about packing up the new quilting machine with the trade in.

  4. I’m presuming you got a Premier? I missed that somewhere. I had one for 8 years, and you bet you can do beautiful things with it!

  5. good for you! That is the right attitude! I’m glad you will be able to fit the small one into your new home. I imagine one would dreadfully missing having a longarm once you have had one. Though we have a member in our little guild who sold her house to her daughter and her husband and she moved into a big motor home. She doesn’t seem at all sad that she is having to sell her Gammill.

  6. Hope you catch the mice. If I was there I would check and dispose if you would set the traps. I HATE setting them because I just about have a heart attack when they spring accidentally when I am setting them down. So DH has to set them.

  7. I would say to set some sticky-traps, but then the little critters would still be alive. Living in the country, we have lots of little visitors in this old house. Soon…..VERY soon….Will be looking to see what your new longarm setup will be. I’m going to have a room…so I’m dreaming!Good luck on the move.

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