I caved in

I’d just commented that I wasn’t going to change over to beta blogger yet but decided what the heck I might as well get it out of the way. I didn’t have any problems with the switch and getting my sidebar set back up was pretty easy.

Since most of the issues seem to be with comments we’ll see how it goes.


  1. Wow! TIme sure did go quickly. It seems hard to believe that you will be moving in 4 days. It seems you just “spoke” of the wait to rejoin your husband.

  2. See, switching to Beta is not that hard. I’ve beta tested a lot of different software over the years and the reason it is called ‘beta’ is so the testers can help find the bugs!

  3. Switching to the Beta version seems to have gotten a whole lot easier! Don’t you love how easy it is to edit the side bar?

    Glad it all went smoothly for you.

    Judy L.

  4. Good for you. Check your profile settings. Many people were not able to post with their display name and email address.

    GOTO: Danshboard
    Edit Profile
    Click Show My Email Address
    Type in Your Email Address
    Click Save Profile (at bottom)

  5. Welcome as a beta blogger Mary. I see you have activated the mail option too, so you are now replyable 🙂
    Beta loads so much faster.

  6. Welcome to Beta, Mary. I switched this morning, and so did Cher. I think this comment thing has quietly and efficiently forced people to “voluntarily” make the switch over.

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