Don’t forget me!

Just 3 more days until I’m reunited with my honey!
Tomorrow I have to take my computer down for the move so I won’t be in touch for about a week. We’ll get to Minneapolis on December 21st and I should be able to post once again using the library computers but don’t worry if you don’t hear from be until after the 29th. My stuff will arrive by the 28th and Comcast is scheduled to set up my Internet on the 29th.
In the meantime, I’ll still have access to email because I treated myself to a new phone so I wouldn’t feel completely out of touch.


  1. Mary good luck with your move – I will miss you while you are getting set up in your new home.

    I will be talking with you more after the new year to help in anyway I can with the Stashbuster String quilts project for charity.

    Have a Merry Christmas!
    Love from TX,
    Bonnie Minor

  2. Great that you will be back with your DH in time for Christmas! I hope the moving stuff all goes smoothly! And, we won’t forget you… hopefully by the time you get back things will have settled down with Beta blogger, comment difficulties, etc. and all that good stuff!



  3. I’ll miss you and I’ll surely miss hearing about the day to day activities of moving! Our internet gets turned off 12/25 and starts again on 1/3 so . . Happy New Year!

    Judy L.

  4. Safe Travels…We will be here when you get back online! waiting impatiently to hear how the move is going! I’m going to look for scraps for some string blocks…Merry Christmas!

  5. We will miss you but I know it will good to have you and Keith both in the same spot! Hope the move goes smoothly and you have a safe trip.

    See you when you get back online!

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