Another day without quilting

I thought I would get to make some string blocks today but that hasn’t happened so far. However, I just have one more box of fabric to unpack in my studio. I started folding it neatly as I put it on the shelves but quickly realized that if I wanted to empty all the boxes so Keith could help me set up my longarm table before he goes out of town on January 2nd then I’d better just put it on the shelves and go back later and fold it.

Same idea with the books – the bottom shelves are all loaded with my books but they aren’t sorted in any manner. My plan is to go back and put all my scrap quilt books together and categorize the other ones too. Soon I should be able to go to one section and see all my books on one particular topic. Scrap quilts and quilting books will be my two largest sections.

These pictures were taken earlier in the day so I’m much further along with my unpacking. I thought I’d try to hang up my tops waiting for quilting – these are just my quilts – I have 3 of my Mom’s waiting for quilting too.


  1. I always seem to hit the computer just as you post….LOL! You have so many tops to quilt. I can’t wait to see the finished results on your new machine

  2. Your “great wall of cubes” looks great and I like the idea of hanging up the “to be quilted” tops 🙂 Progress may feel slow to you, but it will all come together before you know it.

  3. Mary, I love your new shelving units! They look beautiful! Ikea? never heard of that before. I will have to do a search on line and see if I can find them.

    You are smart to get as much done while Keith is home to help. You can tidy up the shelves while he is away 😉

    Happy Weekend! ~Bonnie

  4. I envy all your storage! I like the idea of hanging the quilts to be done. Keeping them in plain sight insures that they won’t be forgotten, but at the same time they are not cluttering up a horizontal surface that could be used for different clutter!

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