String Blocks

I managed to make 4 string blocks last night for the HeartStrings Quilt Project. It took twice as long as usual because I kept having to dig in boxes for bobbins, scissors, thread, etc.

I also had to create paths through the boxes just to get to the sewing table, cutting table, and ironing board. Hopefully I can make a few more today in between a trip back to Ikea and unpacking the last box of fabric.


  1. The heartstrings blocks look great with the blue diagonals too! Are you starting with a string of any size, blue or red, or is that first one a specific width?

  2. Ikea shelving is so perfect for fabric! That’s my dream one of these days – to replace the shelving and stacking baskets I have with shelves from them. I love the ones that are shown in the Create Your Own Quilting Space book.

    Your string blocks are wonderful! Makes me want to start working on mine all over again. I just need to get these baby quilts finished first!

  3. The string blocks are beautiful, Mary. I’ve never done any, but keep thinking about them. Do you start in the middle and work your way out, or at one corner and just work across? Yours are particularly crisp-looking and cheerful!

  4. Your string blocks looks lovely and I am looking forward to make many as soon as I get some other things in order. I have made one string quilt before, for a care quilt, and a friend of mine thought the blocks were soooo ugly. She was amazed once the quilt was joined though. I like to make “something from nothing” and liked the blocks too 😉 It sounds like you are settling in ok in your new home. You sound happy.

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