The longarm is set up!

Keith and I put the table together and set up the longarm this morning. I did a very stupid thing – I didn’t pay attention to which way the back of the machine would sit at and when we got everything together I wanted to have the other side of the table against the wall. The room is too small to turn the table around and rather than take it apart I’m just going to live with it this way. The table is on casters so I can move it one way or the other depending on whether I want more room at the front or the back of the machine.

I also did some more fabric folding last night but as you can see from the shelves I still have a lot more to do. I bought more of the bins I was going to keep yarn in -they hold a lot more scraps than the baskets I have because they fit the shelves and fill the entire space.

The second picture is of the den next to the bedroom I have the longarm in. As you can see it needs a lot more work but it holds my cutting table, my sewing table, and computer desk.

10 thoughts on “The longarm is set up!

  1. Great to see the LA all put together. Now you can relax and fold the rest of your fabric while hubby is out of town.
    Love the shelves-what are they called? I know Ikea has names for everything.
    Have a happy, healthy, quilty New Year!!!


  2. You’re making heaps of progress with your unpacking! I’m still proctastinating about packing – I hate that job – don’t mind unpacking at the other end as it feels like Christmas LOL.


  3. Lucky you . . with your longarm set up. I’m beginning to miss mine! I love your fabric storage bins. Still not sure what I’ll use but it will definitely be something that isn’t attached so it can make the next move with me. OOPS! Forgot .. I’m never moving again! 🙂

    Judy L.


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