Laurie Ann asked how Chesty was adjusting to the move – we think he’s a little depressed. He’s been very adaptable over the last few months but he’s moping around somewhat right now. Of course that may be because our time has been spent unpacking rather than cuddling with him!

He also HATES the snow – I need to buy him some booties before the next snowfall – I just have to find them. I saw some in Target when I was here in November but there were none in his size so I’ll check again this week. Otherwise I’ll have to find a pet store.


  1. Just catching up on blog reading that i have missed while i’ve been away from the computer.

    Love the view from your apartment especially with the snow.

    Good to see you are beginning to get yourself set up ready for quilting again. Your string blocks great. I’ve made some more and will hopefully make a few more this week.

    Happy New Year to you Mary.

  2. Hi Mary, been reading your blog for a while now & enjoy it. Happy to see you are back with hubby once again, must be a bummer moving allover the place. Moving? Snow? LOL, I’ve lived in AK all my life,even the same city minus the 8 mos I spent in Anchorage when I was first married in 71.

    Anyway, what made me laugh and caused me to comment, a very rare circumstance because I’m a lurker of umpteen years on the net, is when you mentioned dog booties. Hey, girl, make your own, you are perfectly capable with all the knitting you’re doing & the sewing machine you’ve got (they are supposed to do more than just quilt ya know, although we sometimes want to forget that,LOL.

    Google it, there are patterns available, although the duct tape one I saw doesn’t sound very appealing. I’m sure you can find one that’s quick and easy. How about this one…
    I didn’t read the whole of it but sounded like there might be a decent pattern there. If you do make some I’m expecting pics. LOL
    Take care,
    Fbks., AK

  3. Ahhhhhh… poor Chesty. He is so adorable, I wish I could pick him up and cuddle him. Probably just an adjustment between country and city life. I am sure he’ll be fine. Give him an extra hug for me!

  4. I had to laugh. Snow in the last picture and it mustof all melted overnight. The view is lovely…much better than a fence….

  5. Poor little guy. My cats have adapted really well to Florida, but I suspect it’s much easier to move from cold nastiness to sunshine, than to go the opposite direction.

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