Chesty and I went on a cultural outing today for our walk to the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden. I like the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture but he likes rabbits so I think he preferred Hare on Bell.

On the quilting front I made 6 more string blocks for the Heartstrings Quilt Project for a total of 16 – I plan to mail these off once I get 20 made. I have 2 UFO’s that are finished string tops that I’ll also quilt and donate for this project. I checked the database earlier and with just 12 people having entered their information, we already have enough blocks made for 6+ quilts. The plan is to set the blocks 6×8 for a finished quilt size of 54×72. I also finished the binding on one of the baby panels I used to practice quilting on the new machine. I have one more panel and a small strippie to finish the binding on and then all 3 quilts will be donated.

Chris sent me a picture of my bedroom ceiling – they’re going to repair the roof on Monday so cross your fingers that we don’t get anymore damage before then. Chris did put up some tarps but I won’t stop worrying until the roof is repaired and I know that it isn’t going to leak anymore. Chris and Becky went home today so there’s no one there to keep an eye on things. I’ll be glad when they get themselves moved the end of this month.


  1. That looks like serious damage. I hope it all gets fixed satisfactoriy without breaking the bank. The Walker Art Center is fabulous both inside and out. Minneapolis has some great cultural centers. We don’t get there often but always enjoy ourselves when we do go.

  2. The Spoonbridge and Cherry are great. My MIL is a huge cherry fan and we purchased a print of the sculpture for her kitchen.

    Sorry to hear about the damage to your house in Georgia. I hope they get it fixed soon.

  3. Chesty is such a little cutie. Now that you are getting the house more settled, he can settle in too with more pets and cuddles time.

    Nice clear day here on the AL side of the line so hopefully it stays that way for roof repairs and fixing the ceiling.

  4. How horrible to have your ceiling fall down on you! Hope it gets taken care of quickly – and back to normal. I like the idea of hanging unfinished quilts on hangers.

  5. Thank goodness you have a son closeby who can co-ordinate getting this fixed for you. And how much worse could it have gotten if he hadn’t discovered the damage so soon.

    I’m finding the string blocks to be addicting. 🙂 I know eventually I’ll get bored with them and want to move onto something else so I’m making as many as I can while my enthusiasm is at it’s highest.

  6. Mary,
    You sure have been busy!!! It sounds like you are adjusting to Mpls. quite nicely! It sounds like you live in an awesome location! I’m envious!!! ;o)

    Sorry about your bedroom at the other house though. That stinks.

    Love your string blocks too!

    BTW…my house pattern is in a book by Buggy Barn. It’s called: “A Little Bit Crazy”. Here’s a link for it.

  7. hope there hasn’t been anymore problems with the roof and it all gets fixed on Monday.

    I have enjoyed making the string blocks so far and i’m hoping to get some more done in the next few days.

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