String blocks

I made 4 more string blocks today in honor of Nancy’s birthday and now have 20 blocks along with some $$ for postage and fabric for a backing ready to ship off to Sue for the HeartStrings project. I did a quick count on the database today and counted 604 blocks made so far – that’s enough for 12.5 quilts and we’re just 1 week officially into the project!

I also pulled out a UFO string project that’s been sitting around for a couple years and made 4 blocks. I’ll make this quilt ( which will be similar to my first string quilt) from start to finish and donate it here in Minneapolis. It’s based on a quilt I saw in the book Great Lakes, Great Quilts.

My package from Gammill came this week so now I have my side clamps for my longarm and a working outlet that fits on the center leg of my table. I’ve got a quilt of Mom’s loaded and can’t wait to quilt some tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of string blocks in a short time! Now if you add up all the ones I’ve seen on blogs around the web today, that’s *really* a lot of quilts!

  2. Thank you so much for making birthday blocks for me. 🙂

    That’s a LOT of blocks already. And if everyone I’ve sent the instructions to make just a few blocks for me then I’ll have enough for a quilt or 2 along with the 20 red ones I have finished and the 20 blue ones I have in progress.

  3. 12 quilts and we are just getting started! I’ve got 12 blocks in the works right now but not much stitching gets done on errand/paperwork day. I am debating about whether I want to drag all this to the meeting tomorrow though. It is our first one of the year and I suspect we will mainly be at the pinning table and I’ll be taking pics and logging in quilts.

    I love how your donation quilt turned out—lots of pretty quilting space and fun fabrics.

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