Settling back into a routine

I quilted a top for my Mom this afternoon. I still think the new machine may need some adjustment of the wheels to make it move a little easier but I’m getting more accustomed to it. It’s nice to get back into the routine of piecing and quilting each day.

In my new *studio* there’s a window seat that overlooks the park. Chesty can watch people and cars coming and going as I work AND the sun shines right in on him – he loves curling up in a spot of sunlight. He sat and watched out the window the entire time I was quilting today.


  1. It is so good that you are getting back into your routine. Max is laying in the sun by the open front door. It is about 30 degress outside but the sun is very warm. Chesty and Max would make great friends they could lay in the sun all day.

  2. Well that looks about perfect, Mary. Chesty looks content, and it’s just GREAT that you’re quilting your mother’s quilt!

    Funny thing about windowseats — I love them, and in the last two houses we built I specifically asked the architects to design one in for me, but ended up with NO windowseat in either house. Now we’re remodeling this house, and it’s on my list again. Maybe third time’s a charm?!

  3. Is Chesty cold blooded or just a fashion plate? 🙂 I’m surprised to see him wearing a sweater when he’s sitting in the sunshine. Shadow is outside as little as possible – his own choice – so we’ve never gotten him a sweater. I think Fred would have a fit anyway. They put a triangle scarf around his neck when he’s groomed – I think it looks cute but Fred takes it off as soon as he thinks I’m not giong to notice. Years ago we had a white toy poodle, who loved to sit along the back of our couch. We had it under the front window, which faces south, so it was a great place for her to sit and watch the world go by. Each year the back of that couch sagged a little bit more.

    I’m so glad your machine is set up and you are back to quilting. Sounds you got a new machine along with a smaller table – is that right? Or do the wheels on your old machine just not fit quite right in the tracks on the new table. I don’t remember you mentioning getting an entire new set up, but my memory gets worse every day!

  4. I’m so glad that you are settling in and getting into a routine. Your studio location is great…the window is perfect for your little one.

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