It’s COLD!

The really cold weather has finally hit. Yesterday I don’t think it made it to 10 degrees and it was as low as 1 degree when I took Chesty out for his walk last night. This afternoon it was 8 degrees when I took a break and walked down to the bookstore and coffee shop. I’m not used to these temperatures being the HIGH’s for the day but so far it’s not too bad as long as I bundle up. What I really want is some snow! Other than a few flurries now and then we haven’t had any since New Year’s Eve.

Keith comes home tonight from Denmark and we’re going to go out and get a drink later. In the meantime, my stack of blocks for my next string quilt is growing! I have 43 of the 80 I need finished.


  1. Welcome to Minnesota Mary! Every winter Bruce and I have visited my family there the high temps have been below 0! It does get cold in Minnesota.

  2. I think 8 is balmy for MN this time of year… We got our first snow today. A little over an inch. Tomorrow we are expecting another 4 to 8. With blowing snow. About time. Our snow plow business needs to make some money! Like fabric money!

    I have been following your string quilts, which I really like the look of them. Yesterday, I pulled my little, and I mean little, stash of strips. I had them all thrown into a drawer. Now they have been ironed and folded. Waiting patiently for them to grow so I can do one soon!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one hooked on these blocks! I had intended to make these my leaders/enders…and now they are the main project. Oh well, I’m having fun and busting no harm done. I just need to finishe SOMETHING as I’m not letting myself start anything new till my birthday next month. 😀 I like the triangle half of your string blocks. They would go faster and bust stash faster too!

  4. We are in the middle of the same cold snap. We are about 12 hours north of you. The wind-chills have been near -35 celsius which is almost the same as F. at that temp. Brrrr. But good quilting weather!

  5. I’m a string newbie – and I love the half square look of these. I can’t wait to try this! If I can ask, what size are your blocks? I’m thinking of all those odd FQs I have that I could put to good use!

    You are a constant source of inspiration! Thank you! 🙂

    Stay warm!

  6. uhhmmmm….I had to turn on the air conditioner last night! It was 77 in the house! Send a bit, now I said a bit, of cold our way please!

  7. It’s a nice 70 degrees today in beautiful downtown Bowie. Bring Chesty and come for a visit. Rosie would love the company.

  8. I really do like those blocks you’re working on now. I have to put my strings aside for a bit until I get a UFO finished (moving way too quickly to the top of the Stashbusters’ Queen list for my liking!) But after I do that I want to make some like these. Will let me pull from my bigger scraps instead of just the strings and strips.

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