I was a chicken

Even with the snow plow coming through at 3:30AM this morning there was still plenty of snow on the roads so I moved Chesty’s vet appointment to Friday afternoon. It’s just a get acquainted visit so it wasn’t worth the stress of getting in the car.

Instead I stayed home and quilted a UFO from last year. This is a top my Mom made and gave me to finish and donate. As you can see, I’m adjusting to having less space but luckily my longarm is on wheels so I can push it over to one side when I need to trim a quilt or cut some batting.


  1. Having grown up in Arizona, I start to twitch whenever they say it is going to snow. I know that tomorrow, I will need to get in my car and make my way to work and unless there is some sort of overnight miracle, it will be an adventure.

  2. good idea to change the appointment to another day if you don’t feel comfortable going out in that weather.

    YOur mum’s quilt look nice. Whoever receives that quilt should be very happy with it.

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