Planning my next string quilt/Baptist Fan Template

While I was quilting today I glanced over at my shelves and saw a crate of fat quarters from Joann’s on the shelf. I decided they would be perfect for the next string quilt I want to make. It will be a version of the cover quilt from New Cuts for New Quilts: More Ways to Stack the Deck by Karla Alexander. I also have the perfect border/sashing fabric too.

I called and spoke to Michael at Loricles Quilting today and am definitely going to purchase the Baptist Fan template and am thinking about the Circle Lord too.


  1. *puts on her shades*

    Those are some nice bright prints! I like the way the dots on the green pick up so many of the colors of the other fabrics… nice selecting!

  2. I have one of Karla Alexander’s books and it is great. I have made a couple of the quilts. I really like the one on the cover and I think it will be beautiful with the fabrics you have shown. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I love those fabrics. They will make one bright, happy quilt. Great picture of the snow. I love how quiet and clean a snowfall makes everything.

  4. Mary,
    WOW…those are MY kind of fabrics! That is going to be an awesome quilt!!!

    As far as the ice here…it is finally GONE and the sun actually came out today! The worse that happened for us was DH slid into the back of a truck that stopped in front of him. He ws on ice and NOTHING works on ice.

    The pic of downtown Mpls under the blanket of snow is gorgeous. I miss that!

    Have fun with your new quilt project!

  5. Nice fabrics… I am so glad to see the book & pattern – I thought you had gon off the deepend if you were starting from scratch for a non-patterned string quilt…

  6. Bright and happy fabrics! I chuckled at you discovering your next quilt in your stash while doing something else! My stash was a constant distraction when I was sewing in the same room with it. It’s upstairs now and I miss it!

    Can’t wait to see your new quilt!


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